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Roof Top Duetto

Generatore d'aria calda e fredda Roof Top DuettoIndependant ductable hot and cold air generators, for indoor and outdoor installation, gas or fuel oil-fired.

Like the winter cold, the summer heat and humidity, with its constant upward trend, reduce productivity in the workplaces. Omnia Termoair is well aware of these problems and now presents a series of Independent ductable Roof Top hot and cold air generators named Duetto. The Duetto Roof Top is flexible and independent appliance, that can heat and cool medium/large-sized spaces, without boiler and chiller. The Duetto Roof Top has a powerful core, which can heat and cool the air with two separate and independent air handling systems.

  • Heating with a stainless steel combustion chamber supplied by gas or gas oil forced draught burner;
  • cooling  with copper/aluminum thermic exchange coils fed by a "Scroll" hermetic compressor;
  • ventilating unit  provided with modulating dampers (heat-cold);
  • control panel interfaced with the remotely located control unit, which controls independently a/l the functions of the Duetto Roof Top.

    Mod. GC 65 GC 80 GC 100
    A 2000 2150 2150
    B 220 260 260
    H 2260 2450 2450
    S 1600 2000 2000
    L 1750 2000 2000


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