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generating warm air:
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   gas fired series am
   gas fired series amd
   gas fired series amp
air convectors
air convectors zéphyr
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roof top:
air extractor series ec
thermal circulating fans
air mixing modul mix
   ventilations valves
Omnia Termoair
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Roof Top Compact

Generatore d'aria calda Roof Top CompactOperating with heat exchanger coil for hot water.

These units are based on warm air heater's G-GO GE-GEO heating section and are suitable for heating, cooling, ventilating, primary air treatment and treatment and heat recovery of commercial, industrial and public buildings.

General features

  • modular sections;
  • ventilating units with forward or backward blades, drived by electric motors in single or double polarity, with pulleys and belts transmission;
  • heat exchanger coil made of copper tubes and aluminium fins secured to the tubes by mechanical expansion operating with hot water;
  • casing sandwich made of prepainted galvanized steel, insulated;
  • heating section made with a direct fired heat exchanger, with or without by-pass, with dampers to control air delivery, for series G-GO GE-GEO;
  • frame in aluminium.
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