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Magic Split 

Magic Split Gas-fired wall boiler externally, water unit heater internally.

Ideal for premises where the heat generator cannot be installed internally.

It is the ideal heating device on premises where the heat generator cannot be freely installed internally, such as: body shops, repair shops, paint shops, wood working shops, public premises, public rooms, sports rooms with audience, theatres and performance places, inflammables deposit rooms, etc.

With Magic Split it is possible to install easy, safe, economic, flexible and immediate systems in these kind of places; there is no need to ask the fire brigades (or competent bodies) for an installation permit, not even for several machines with a total thermic capacity of over 116 KW (100.00 Kcal/h) (activity n°91 of Cabinet order dated 16-02-1982).

Gas-fired wall boiler - external unit
Gas-fired wall boiler - external unit Mod. 29 ST
Nominal thermic capacity Kw 34,8
Nominal thermic capacity (useful) Kcal/h 29.928
100% efficiency of the nominal load % 90,2
Maximum G20 methane consumption mc/h 3,68
GPL consumption Kg/h 2,65
Expansion tank capacity lt 12
Maximum exercising temperature °C 90
Electric supply V/Hz 230/50
Maximum exercising pressure bar 3
Electric power W 200
Boiler water content lt 25
Gas feed Ø 1/2"
Water delivery and return connection Ø 1"
Fumes release connection Ø mm 80
Weight of empty boiler Kg 80

Unit heater - internal unit Mod. 4W43CX
Maximum air capacity mc/h 3.800
Maximum thermic yield with water temp. 80°/65°C airTi 15°C kW 31,4
Nominal thermal head °C 23,7
Minimum air capacity mc/h 2600
Helical fan n 1
Nominal electric power W 510
Feeding voltage v/Hz 1F 230/50
Max/min acoustic pressure at 5 meters (dB)A 62/52
Weight without water Kg 40
Unit heater - internal unit

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