Omnia Termoair, heating and cooling systems
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generating warm air:
   series g - go
   series ge - geo
   series gp
   series gs
   series d "domus"
   gas fired series am
   gas fired series amd
   gas fired series amp
air convectors
air convectors zéphyr
magic split
roof top:
air extractor series ec
thermal circulating fans
air mixing modul mix
   ventilations valves
Omnia Termoair
Strada Fornacino 87/C
10040 Leinì (Torino)
P.I.(VAT): 00679460014
Tel. +39 011 9989921
Fax. +39 011 9981372
Omnia Termoair, company 

Omnia Termoair has been on the market since 1969.

Currently we produce a wide range of air heating devices which are well-known and appreciated in quite a lot of countries.

All of our devices have obtained the EC certification which confirms our quality.

Recognised European beings certify the top quality of our products through lab tests on every single device and periodical controls on our production (as required by the EC directive 90/396).

We produce a vast array of devices for industrial and home heating.

Among our products we would like to point out our hot air generators, working with all kinds of fuel, gas and water convectors, air mixers, air extractors, heat and ventilating units, air treating stations, lithium bromide soakers and heaters.

Besides these products, we produce and market a vast range of accessories, e.g. air vents, fireproof rolling shutters and specific filters.

All of our air heating products have certified quality.

For further information please call on +39 011 9989921 or email to

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