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Air mixing Modul Mix

Air mixing Modul Mix Conventional heating appliance are often used in industrial and commercia buildings, where warm air is dissipated within the building by convection currents.

Whilst this will produce acceptable uniformity of temperature in a small building, this is not the case in a large environment as the warm air stratifies towards the ceiling.

On occasion the temperature difference can be as high as 10/15 °C.

Standard helical destratifiers are thermostatically controlled to avoid the flow of cold air towards floor level after the initial mass of hot air as been expelled. It follows that the operation of traditional destratifiers is intermittent, with the unit stopping until there is a build up of hot air in the roof area. This type of operation, generates unsatisfactory conditions at ground level.

Furthermore, heat recuperation is discontinuos and incomplete. In addition, the movement of air in vertical direction does not generate uniform distribution horizontally. There is therefore still a problem of varying conditions in different zones within the building.

It’s common knowledge that heat rises, escaping through the windows, walls and roof.


Farming-greenhouses, stables, greenhouses are subject to hight heat losses which prevent the correct distribution of temperature for cultivation. The MODUL MIX units are capable of resolving this problem, producing significant benefits. MODUL MIX provides uniform umidity and is extremely useful when combating condensation. Gentle and constant ventilation promotes the respiration and transpiration of plants, protecting them from some diseases. Modul Mix can ensure even distribution of humidity and evacuation of gases, vapours and odours which stagnate in animal enclosures such as barns.

Sport and leisure-halls pools, the Modul Mix installation reduces the hight heat losses characteristic of this sector. Humidity and chlorine vapour (<0.1 m/s) minimise draughts and resultant disconfort.

Culture-galleries museums, these are often older, large buildings with requirements for a constant environment around works of art. 

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